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/Who Am I

“I enjoy puzzles, and I am really good at math!” is how I explained my job to my daughter’s third grade class. But for my clients, I am an analyst able to understand complex transactions. I am an accountant able to describe these transactions using a system of debits and credits.  Finally, I am an attorney able to vigorously advocate their position regarding the transactions. Combined with decades of experience, I solve the tax puzzles of my clients in an effective and tax-efficient manner.

As a native Oklahoman, I have learned the lessons of hard work, integrity, and tenacity. Such qualities are necessary when dealing with the 10 million words that make up the federal tax laws and regulations. No wonder Albert Einstein stated, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” But, I enjoy the challenge and have worked and studied hard so that my clients may enjoy the fruits of such labor.

Some people dream of success…while others wake up and work hard at it.

- Author Unknown -


/What I Do

I make a difference in people’s lives. I develop personal relationships with my clients. Next, I am invited to understand their hopes and dreams as well as their fears and concerns. With this understanding, I am able to provide advice and counsel regarding their taxes, business transactions, estate planning and wealth management. Finally, and with a plan, we work together to make it so.


A leader must guide and influence others so that their efforts are organized and their results maximized. As a leader, I ensure that the interests of my clients are protected and preserved as we endeavor towards their goals.


Listen. Study. Understand. Solve.  These are all important steps I take very seriously in the process of thinking about the solution or solutions best suited for my client’s well-being, best-interest and success.


Whether it is cooking hamburgers for a church 4th-of-July picnic, or helping a widow file her income tax return, the opportunity to serve individuals and the public-at-large is one that I accept with great humility and joy.


27tax seasons
33years worked
1200hours of continuing education
4bacon number


/Milestones Of My Career


The Greatest Tax Man Alive - Thank-You!
DEBRA McBRIDE, WINNER – “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”
Reece is one of the smartest guys I have ever met.
TOBY JOPLIN CPA Ph.D, PROFESSOR – Oklahoma State University


/Work Done So Far

Below are a collection of various articles and presentations I have prepared in a variety of areas. Enjoy!

Lectures, Books & Articles

/Information To Share

Jun 2015

Amazing Grace and Taxes: The Unmerited Favor of Uncle Sam (Seminar)

The tax area regarding ministers is one of the most complex, dynamic and least understood. For DIY'ers, please contact me for free sermons and/or Bible lessons that you may use…

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Ethics Case Study: Change in Marital Status of Clients (Seminar)

Often times professionals do not think about the long-term ethical consequences of representing both spouses. What should you do when their marital status changes? When should you do it? Download…

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Jun 2015
Jun 2015

Gambling Tax Update (Seminar)

This seminar provides a timely update to the original "Taxation of the Gambler" seminar. Download a PDF version of the presentation HERE.

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Identity Fraud Update (Seminar)

Scammers are a sneaky lot. They continue to adapt, change and morph their strategies and techniques. This seminar provides an update to the original seminar. Download a PDF version of…

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Jun 2015
Jun 2014

Identity Fraud (Seminar)

"Identity Fraud" is not the same as "Identity Theft" or "Mistaken Identity" - it is stealing someone's personal information for the purpose of obtaining credit, obtaining goods and services, or…

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Management of Digital of Assets (Seminar)

As more assets become digital, their management becomes more critical. This seminar discusses several techniques and strategies to protect such assets. Download the PDF version of the seminar HERE.

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Jun 2014
Jun 2014

Ethics for Enlightened Accountants (Seminar)

For many attendees, the Ethics class is the dullest, "snoozer" session of all required continuing education classes. Many such classes attempt to provide the victim with a long list of…

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Taxation of the Gambler (Seminar)

The proper taxation of gamblers is not difficult, but it is technical.  This seminar discusses many of the dangers and pitfalls facing gamblers, and how to properly report wins and…

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Oct 2012
Oct 2012

Basic Estate Planning (Seminar)

According to Abraham Lincoln, "You cannot believe everything you read on the Internet." Many clients try to sort through all the twists and turns of estate planning by searching the…

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Geronimo and Gambling Taxes: The Story Behind a Legendary Warrior Can Prepare You For Tax Time (Strictly Slots Magazine)

Geronimo, the famous Chiricahua Apache warrior, was one of the most feared and respected enemy combatants the United States has ever known. So much so, that he remained a prisoner-of-war…

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Jul 2012
Mar 2012

Taxation of Recreational Gamblers: An Overview of How to Report Wagering Gains and Losses (EA Journal)

Gambling is a $140 billion per year industry. Although the consumer electronics industry is larger ($186.4 billion), the gambling industry is larger than the cable TV ($97.6 billion), outdoor equipment…

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You Win Some, You Lose Some: Know how to correctly report the wagering gains and losses of recreational gamblers (CPA Focus Magazine)

The 17 words of Internal Revenue Code Section 165(d) provide little guidance on the reporting requirements of wagering gains and losses. (Footnote 1) The IRS IRS instructions say little more…

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Jan 2012
Sep 2011

Taxation of the Gambler (@Law Magazine)

With the growth of gambling in the United States, many industries have rushed in to provide the needed support and expertise. The area of taxation is no different. Many lawyers,…

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Taxation of the Recreational Gambler (Tulsa Lawyer Magazine)

With the growth of gambling in Oklahoma, many industries have rushed to provide the needed support and expertise.  The area of taxation is no different. Many lawyers and accountants have…

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Apr 2011
Dec 2010

Lady Luck Gambling Diary: Slot Machine Edition (Book)

The ONLY Gambling Diary available that complies with IRS Revenue Procedure 77-29. SOLD-OUT - the original order of 10,000 books is sold-out!  My efforts to reprint the book were unsuccessful after the…

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Law Office Technology (Seminar)

In 1994, 3.5 inch diskettes, CD's, Hayes modems, Intel Pentium microprocessors, LAN's, Lotus Notes, and WordPerfect were all the rage. Something called the "internet" using HTML was just being discovered. …

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Dec 1994
Sep 1994

The IRS’s Knockout Punch: The 100 Percent Penalty for Failure to Collect or Pay Over Tax (OBA Journal)

A Dutchman was explaining the red, white and blue Netherlands flag to an American: "Our flag is symbolic of our taxes," said the Dutchman.  "We get red when we talk…

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Routing Special-Education School Buses (Interfaces Magazine)

In routing special-education students in an urban environment, the students must be picked up at home and delivered to selected schools which meet their specific educational needs.  In addition t…

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Sep 1986


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